The toast is almost ready!

The toast is almost ready!

Back in the early 2000s I worked for a Company called COAST. It was a small company still in startup mode that offered Web site scanning and associated quality control features. Management of the company was a mess and the company ended up being shut down and its assets sold. Worst way for a company to end.

Having purchased stock in the company I was kept aware of how things were going and on a whim I acquired the domain, thinking that since Coast was now Toast maybe one option was to start my own software development endeavour and name it Toast Software. I ended up taking a software development role with InGenius and some 18 years later I am now in a leadership role at Upland Software which acquired InGenius in 2019.

For several years now, on my personal time, I’ve been maintaining my software development skills to date with a few personal projects born from needs I’ve encountered in my area.

Today I am launching Signature Software by Jean-François Davignon!

I know, its not Toast Software, the reason being one of the project is a Restaurant management tool and there is already a product named Toast in that field and I don’t want to confuse things.

The goal of Signature Software is to provide delightful and affordable tools for managing Canadian small businesses, non-profits, and restaurants.

The first module available will be first directed to non-profits and small businesses. It is a contacts and membership management application that can distribute newsletters. A simple and flexible tool designed from the ground up to run equally well on most devices (e.g. smart phones, tablets, laptops, and desktops).

Alpha release expected by end of February 2023.

Jean-François Davignon