Getting Started

Getting started is easy with Signature Software by Jean-François Davignon, simply navigate to, select which site you want to go to, and enter you email address to log-in or register to subscribe to the service of your choice.

BETA versions

If the application is available in BETA there are no subscription options and you can use it free of charge with the following understanding that you can only add a limited number of users to your account, and that the there are no efforts to safeguard your data. We will not expressly delete anything as part of this phase of development, but we also do not backup the data for recovery purposes in case of a failure of the system.

We hope you will use it and provide us with feedback on usability and possible features to be added to the service.

Once the BETA is over, your subscription will become a 6 month free trial, by the end of which you can decide to subscribe for a reasonable fee or retrieve your data and unsubscribe.

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