Design approach

The principal design goal of the Signature Software is to make every task as efficient as possible with the hopes it will translate into a delightful experience.

With all the advances in technology and even with the advent of AI, too many applications are put out with poor usability.

There’s this saying in the industry that if you put out software without bugs in it you waited too long to publish it. The meaning being that if you are not early in the market your chances of success are low.

Inversely, in a very competitive market, if you don’t provide something compelling, you will likely not gain much of the market share.

Shipping software without bugs is very difficult simply because once it is published, if it grabs any attention, the application will be used in many ways and in many environments the designers did not take into account.

Signature Software does not pretend it can generate bug free applications in all circumstances, but the design effort is focused on keeping things simple and efficient, guiding the user to the desired outcome effortlessly.

Of course, ultimately, you will be the judge of how well we achieve this.