Newsletters and email rules

It is common for bulk mail to be blocked by many mail servers around the internet. You can blame spammers for this. That is why it is important to follow good newsletter practices. Our terms of services details what this service can and cannot be used for.

Not following these practices may result in members & contacts being blacklisted itself as a source of spam. This would be grounds for immediate termination of your use of members & contacts.

We monitor dead emails and alert you to them but if we find you have too many of them we may suspend your use of the service until the list is cleaned-up.

Verified addresses

Ensuring all the emails in your list are verified to be correct and approved by their owners is probably the most important step. To this extent, members & contacts asks subscribers to verify their email address by sending them an email to that effect when they subscribe via the members & contacts’ subscription form that you can embed in your website. The subscriber is then directed to a page where they enter a verification code provided with the email.

Remove dead emails

Sometimes an email becomes permanently undeliverable, usually because the subscriber closed their email account or they passed away and their family closed the account. These will be reflected by replies from the destination mail server.

Beware of blacklisted emails

You may have a verified email in your list but it is an email that may be blacklisted on the internet for being used by spammers or other unethical use or behaviour. This can also result in blacklisting. This one may be more difficult to handle without subscribing to an email verification service. MORE TO COME on this subject.

Include unsubscribe link in your newsletters

Its easy to automate unsubscribing with members & contacts. The editor’s Insert menu and the toolbar’s link icon allow you to insert an unsubscribe link that allows subscribers to simply unsubscribe from the newsletter.

A single click will result in the subscriber’s settings to be updated reflect this choice.